Surgeons hard at work.Ear PinningOtoplasty Before & After

Surgeons hard at work.

Building a cosmetic ear is simple but delicate work

Ear Pinning

Ear reduction can help with hearing

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Otoplasty Before & After

The Pinning surgery can help with this

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Here you can find some great plastic surgeons that will suite your needs, be it a tuck or earlobe repair, we’ve got you covered with a surgeon for your area in the lower peninsula.

What is otoplasty?

If you’re looking for a surgeon you should probably know but in case you didnt: otoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the outer ear,  either to correct deformities or simply aesthetic purposes. Otoplasty falls under primarily cosmetic surgery but can aid hearing. Ear pinning of prominent ears is an example of the cosmetic side of things, while surgery to build up a lost ear is an example of reconstructive otoplastic surgery.

The General Procedure:

While earlobe repair is a procedure, most otoplastic procedures deal with forms of ear pinning to correct protruding ears caused by over or underdeveloped cartilage:

-Ear splinting. The safest and easiest procedure is of course done at young age. Splinting the ear literally uses splints as directed by a doctor to mold the ear of a child 6 months of age our younger. Any older and the soft cartilage will have hardened to a state that requires surgery as the only option.

-Otoplasty. An otoplastic surgeon will use specialized techniques to correct, repair, or replace a deformed or damaged ear and turn it into a cosmetic ear that looks no different from a natural ear. The surgery should be undertaken once the ear has reached full size at roughly five years of age. The surgery can recreate missing folds and position the ear in greater proximity to to the head.
There are three main types of otoplasties:

– Ear augmentation – when the pinna is underdeveloped or non-existent (microtia).
– Otopexy (ear pinback) – the protruding ears are “flattened”.
– Ear reduction – when the pinna is too big, what doctors call macrotia.

Otoplasty Recovery:

Patients will require bandages over the ears for several days during which wash their hair. After removal of the bandages a supportive band must be worn over the ears at night to relieve tension until they are strong enough. Patients can return to work & regular life within a week.

The Cost of Otoplasty:

Between $3000 & $5000 depending on the overall procedure’s extent and the surgeon in question. It can be covered by insurance if it is reconstructive in nature so be sure to find out!

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